Brand Guidelines

A logo as a part of the brand identity is important as it Visually gives a brand a professional look and feel. At all times, we should follow the correct usage of the logo. These are the guidelines for the interwebb logo.

Our new brand expression celebrates Interwebb's rebirth - at the core of it all we seek to build a new image of Zambia as we brand a variety of businesses with the quality that they deserve. The Interwebb logo is a mark of quality as it represents our voice and talents. With our dark theme the original logo has a subtle gradient of 2 slightly different shades of blue. This logo will be used mostly on dark/black backgrounds.

Works done by Interwebb

Our Logo

The Logo Concept

IW symbol is the main interwebb logo with other subsidiaries. The concept is as easy as the logo looks with no hidden features. On the left is "i" and on the right is a "w" standing for Inter-Webb respectively.

A White Interwebb Logo


Interdisciplinary approach. Drawing appropriately from different branches or fields in the tech and engineering world to redefine problems outside of the normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex problems.


Like a spider web, a large network of like-minded individuals connected by the zeal to develop with a sole focus to create businesses that impact the society positively while keeping the natural balance. At the center of this web is Interwebb.

Logo Concept

The font for the “Interwebb” is “Mustica Pro Semi Bold “ It can be used on a white background with black text color or on black background with white text color.


The slogan carries the our ability to adapt and evolve with the environment of work in order to produce the best quality.
The tagline font is “Metropolis.” This can only be used in a landscape format.It can be used on a white background with black text color or on black background with white text color.

Works done by Interwebb
Works done by Interwebb

Logo Usage

Light versions of the logo will always be used on Dark backgrounds and Dark versions on Light backgrounds.